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I’ve done several things to keep me focused over the years. Whether it is prayer, family time, intense work ethic, or my fitness. The one thing that I believe with all of my heart is that I will be vindicated soon. And like I tell my close friends, what is the point of living life FOR vindication if you know it is going to happen anyway?

Now, you could say that I am foolish for believing that I KNOW it will happen. But that is just me. I am a guy who has seen the worst of the world yet, I have an awesome wife, daughter, and life. Considering that juxtaposition, you would have faith too.

The point is, I want to succeed more than most people want to eat food. Not because of money or fame but because I want to show people an example of what you can do when you act as if one of the greatest hurdles you could ever imagine – is only a footnote in your life.

I believe that when the story is done, everyone around me will be proud. And that vindication will be the footnote, not the deeds that I have done in the mean time.

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