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What an interesting year.

I told myself I’d never write on this blog again but it seems that I am going to roll back on those words a little bit. Since the last time I’ve written, I’ve grown closer to a lot of my old Academy buddies, my daughter has grown into a super-intelligent and charismatic four year old, Judge London Steverson wrote a book in my defense, a few good men began drafting pardon documentation for the Obama administration, and I began writing a book of my own. I re-read these articles for the first time in a long time and I just feel that this can’t be it for me.
Article: One

Article: Two

They say that if you make one final push, you’ll be glad that you did. Well, here is my one last push. This time, I am counting on one of two things: 1) someone coming forward to tell it like it really was, hopefully offering new evidence (for re-trial) or 2) the sitting President setting aside politics for the idea of justice.

The first is not very likely and neither is the second but when has that ever slowed me down.

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