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Left Alone

One of the most frustrating things for me to watch over the past few years was how often people related to this case (other than myself) have had their names dragged through the mud. I wish they’d be left alone. There have been a lot of dreams lately. People sending me messages describing the impact that I am supposed to have. A friend of mine from Houston, texting me about the same thing regarding Lindsey. It’s been interesting. But I’ve had a couple of dreams on my own. And while this sounds odd, I still hold most everyone that was involved in high regard. So much so, that I one day imagine (dreamt, actually) that resolution was words away.

I had a dream that one written paragraph would save my life. One paragraph, written by one person. I know that none of this is over yet. Not in a negative sense, but a positive one. The way that I’ve always seen it is that I can’t blame anyone who protected themselves from retribution. We were all 21 year olds in compromising situations back then. In a way, we were all pawns. I just want this to be over with. And I want everyone left alone to live their beautifully married lives as mothers and fathers. I thought that I was unbreakable, but I was wrong.

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