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So Many Different Approaches.

Everyone wants me to do something different but I’ve never been an inflammatory or subversive person. I’ve always been sort of scared of it. I’ve always just sort of waited for something to happen, despite the fact that I don’t believe in that method – in any other aspect of my life. But a resolution to this, for me, can’t come by my own doing.

It bothers me that the others involved in this case get bashed by pundits. I have never really blamed them or been upset with them. I mean, it was an environment where by nature – when your position is vulnerable – you will do anything to survive and graduate. “Revering honor” in every situation is not always easy – especially when there is a chance that you won’t be enrolled to revere it. That’s the reason I can’t hold it against anyone for doing something or saying something that they didn’t believe with their full heart. I don’t blame them because I would have died to graduate from that school. With only five months left, after a 4 1/2 year journey, I would have taken a bullet to graduate if it were necessary.

My Dad sent me a verse, this morning. James 4:3 Ye have not because you ask not. So maybe he’s right, maybe I’m still fighting this because I haven’t asked. Can I please have my name cleared now? Chew on the question and if, by chance, you have some say or influence over the matter – and you want to actually help, please move that direction sooner than later. Seven years is a long time to fight for something and it’s no easier today than it was in December 2005.

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What an interesting year.

I told myself I’d never write on this blog again but it seems that I am going to roll back on those words a little bit. Since the last time I’ve written, I’ve grown closer to a lot of my old Academy buddies, my daughter has grown into a super-intelligent and charismatic four year old, Judge London Steverson wrote a book in my defense, a few good men began drafting pardon documentation for the Obama administration, and I began writing a book of my own. I re-read these articles for the first time in a long time and I just feel that this can’t be it for me.
Article: One

Article: Two

They say that if you make one final push, you’ll be glad that you did. Well, here is my one last push. This time, I am counting on one of two things: 1) someone coming forward to tell it like it really was, hopefully offering new evidence (for re-trial) or 2) the sitting President setting aside politics for the idea of justice.

The first is not very likely and neither is the second but when has that ever slowed me down.

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Pennsylvania Ave?