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There is a town named Vidor, Texas. Remember that Court-Martial?

Outside of the CGA/USCG bubble, people saw it for what it was. Far-Fetched.  In 130 years, and thousands of white officer-candidates, the Coast Guard Academy’s choice for the first ever General Court Martial was hand-picked out of the most difficult ethnic group to recruit. The academy’s C.O.C. and Superintendant called people down, one by one, to testify to CGIS after hearing word of a malicious rumor. Instead of: asking me once, gauging the look in my eyes, checking to see if I was confident in my innocence, reviewing my record, calling a panel to examine my phsyiological reaction to tough questions, the Academy acted first and thought second. Chuck Potter of the The Day, once called it ”racially protective instinct.” The perception of my guilt was rock solid when the Corps of Cadets awoke to find out that a Cadet was kicked out at 2 AM before seeing a lawyer, law enforcement agent or at least a friendly face. It was calcified rock once they found that the lead witness was the “most stand-up, intelligent, credible cadet” (regimental commander) at the academy. You just can’t beat a calvary like that, in court, as a defendant.

Recruiting efforts?  

Coast Guard HQ made such a spectacle of it that Congressman Robert Shays and Senator Joe Leiberman spoke of my case. The academy made sure that my face and car were on the front page of The Day several times. I was drummed out, 19th century Citadel/VMI style and threatened by local white supremacists (yes, I physically stood up for myself on one occassion ON THE NAVY BASE WHERE I LIVED). When I reported this to my then-company officer, he told me “not to sweat it.” After all of that, 22 charges were referred, many of which were said to be proposterous by the Article 32 Officer’s standards (grand jury hearing). Many were carried forward any way, just to present the “preponderance of evidence/pattern of behavior” card at trial. The most credible cadet at the Academy (regimental commander) left the witness stand less credible than a man on trial.  I lost on charges that, had I been able to testify without censor or cross-examine fully, I would have faired much better. “We were looking for more…” a jury member admitted to my wife (then-girlfriend of seven months) at the Mystic hotel where many of the trial participants and my family stayed.

No one had a publicly negative word to say about the Academy until that sad experience. No public task force investigations, newspaper columns, congressional investigations, public NAACP statement, no outspoken minority pioneering graduates, or anything of the such…until after the Summer of 2006.  The majority of the USCG articles that aren’t about drug busts are written to address a social malfeasance.

None of these facts were in the media (I was gagged by Commandant of Cadets’ order) but people read the writing on the wall. Guilty individuals don’t stand tall at a trial after turning down a plea offer for 1/30 of the proposed maximum sentence.

The result? 23 black graduates. But that isn’t the scary number, the number of applications has dwindled, dramatically. There is a town in Texas where blacks don’t stop for gas. Vidor, Texas has always had one or two black residents who say that life is just grand and nothing needs to be done. Even so, no one ever joins them.


WASHINGTON — Eight years after the Coast Guard and the NAACP signed a voluntary agreement to work together to boost the number of African-Americans at its 1,000-cadet service academy, the annual enrollment and graduation figures for blacks remain in single digits.

Seven blacks graduated from the academy based in New London, Conn., in the spring of 2001, the year the agreement was signed.

The same number graduated from the Class of 2006, the first class for which blacks were recruited under the agreement.

Subsequently, there were seven black graduates in 2007, five in 2008 and four in 2009.

That makes 23 graduates in four years under the agreement, including the academy’s first black female valedictorian. In the four previous years, the number was 33.

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When You Stop Reading Books, Newspapers and Non-Partisan Press… cultivate an unintelligent nation of lemmings. Whether you lean right or lean left, you have to know what principles, policies and abilities that you vote for.

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Kid Cudi “The Heart of A Lion”

At the end of the day, day, my mama told me don’t let no one break me,
At the end of the day, day, nobody, nobody ever could stop me,
At the end of the day, day, you can’t regret it if you were tryin’, if you were tryin’,
At the end of the day, day, I’m walking with a heart of a lion.

Maintaining equilibrium between “X” [---|-----] “MLK“. I call it “O.”

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Pennsylvania Ave?