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To Remember or not to Remember? The Calm.




So I am at work on a Friday night, plugging away at drafting a motion to compel discovery for one of our cases. Beyond imagining what it would be like to have known how to draft these three years ago, my mind wanders when I click on each month of the archive category. I called Lindsey, who is on her way to the office to meet me for a date night in The Woodlands. I asked her, “should I show the archives from the beginning of the website’s existence?” At the moment, the coding only showed the past 12 months and the previous months were hidden.  I was nervous about it. Did I want others to see where my head was two years ago? THREE years ago? Lindsey replied, “Yes, Web. They need to see the whole story, not a tidbit of narration during a time of relative peace.”

Quite compelled, I read all of my words, my assertions, beliefs, predictions, moments of inspiration, expressions of faith and fear. Foremost, I don’t regret a word. But more importantly, it took my breath away.  It has only been three years. The focus of this website seems to have shifted from “LOOK AT THIS INJUSTICE!” through “WHEN I AM EXONERATED, YOU’RE GONNA HAVE PERMANENT EGG ON YOUR FACE, SIR.” to “Lord, give me the strength to survive until the promise is kept.” This website is such a wonderful thing. It is honest. It is reflective. It is arrogant, sad, shamed, broken, emboldened, faithful, thankful, loved and triumphant. It is beautiful. As beautiful as the photograph above, taken by me on June 12, 2006. I called this photo “Calm Before the Storm.” That calm always comes before the storm. The storm is creeping upon me, once more, conventionally speaking (101 days). 

It is only then that I realize that the storm that crashed upon the shores of my life in 2006 has never ceased. It has never died or even slowed down. That is the beauty of it. All I see and feel is the calm.



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New style, new commitment…100 posts in 100 days.

With a little over 100 days until my hearing at CAAF, there will be a lot on my mind and plenty material/thoughts/banter for many updates. I welcome you to bear with me.  November 10, 2009 is sort of important to my family and me. 




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G. Gordon Liddy, Another Nixon Confidant strikes…

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Pat Buchanan, Reverse Civil Rights Leader of the 21st Century

President Nixon’s former confidant strikes again. It seems as though he was influenced by the most publicly bigoted President of the 20th Century. White folks built this country, says Pat Buchanan, and thus they DESERVE today’s Supreme Court Justice positions. They were “…100% of the people that wrote the constitution, they were 100% that signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people that died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg…”

African-Americans were enslaved, buddy. Latinos .9% of foreign-born Americans in 1850. Those are the two largest minority populations.

Buchanan writes in State of Emergency:

“Race matters. Ethnicity matters. History matters. Faith matters. Nationality matters. While they are not everything, they are not nothing. Multiculturalism be damned, this is what history teaches us.”

Mr. Buchanan, I love your conservative commentary but you can’t be serious. This is just an indication of your progress-fueled resentment that seeps from your pores every morning on MSNBC. Turn off the valve.

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Reverse Racism
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Pennsylvania Ave?