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Comments on POTUS’ Continuing Assault on the G.O.P’s future

Sonia Sotomayor’s recent appointment is another example of Obama’s leg sweeping ability. There are members of the G.O.P. who will forever allign themselves and vote categorically for their party, despite the dwindling number of Americans who subscribe to that party I.D.  Recent polls suggest that independents constituted the largest percentage of registered voters.  Democratic candidates received many of those independent votes, this past election cycle. 

At this firm, conservatives, moderates and liberals hold frequent civil debate on social issues and the direction that our president is leading us. Will Obama be a pacifist or will he be hawkish? General David Petreaus, General Colin Powell, SecDef Robert Gates and other Republican party stalwarts have been supporting his policy positions. The most explosive of those debates? Abortion-rights.  There are more “one-issue” voters whose decision relies upon the president’s pro-life/pro-choice agenda than any other of the social, domestic or foreign policy issues.  Pro-life voters tend to despise Obama for the exaggerated and often unsubstantiated position on abortion-rights. 

What do you do to reconcile those voters?  You appoint a supreme court justice who will be favorable to the left and acceptable to the right. Sotomayor ruled against abortion rights, the one and only time she presided over a case related to this issue. Will she be pro-life or pro-choice?  Pro-life, likely. She is Catholic and her affiliations indicate no allegiance to liberal women’s organizations. The proverbial political slam dunk, perhaps.  Roe v. Wade may be overturned during his presidency, appeasing evangelistics and robbing the G.O.P. of its main social attraction.

Just weeks ago, the jobless numbers were lower than expected, bolstering an upticking DOW Jones Industrial average.  Upon further examination, the President demonstrated his political manuevering masterfully. Over 70,000 federal employees were hired, mainly census employees.  In desperate need of income tax revenue and the minimization of illegal immigrant health costs, the U.S. government will eventually offer amnesty to those potential voters. The voters who just witnessed the first appointment of a latina Supreme Court justice.  Likely, the most significant advancement in Hispanic-American history.

The individuals who determine congressional districts, the Census Bureau, will need all of the help that they can get to accurately count the newly-minted American citizens and potential democrats. This will lend to nearly proving the Rovian prophesy of a permanent majority as truth. The notion was correct; the party was wrong. The missing piece? The success of the stimulus plan before mid-term elections. The analysts for the consumer confidence index just released data that reflected an increase in the sample of American households who believe that the economy will recover in six months time.

Americans, conservative or otherwise, will find allegiance to the G.O.P. to be idealogically null and confidence-depleting.  Just in time for those mid-term elections.

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Working on my wife’s blog. A pretty hectic docket at this glorious law firm. Reading W.E.B. Dubois. Taking the blows, as they come, smiling in my anticipation of returning the punch.

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