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The Artwork of Alexander Smith, The Parsons Institute of Design-NY, New York




 Silly, Brilliant but silly.


Alex and Adrian.jpg


Alex and Adrian Smith, New York City

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“Thank You Jesus, My Feet are Off The Ground…” -Tyler Perry Speech


Video: Click Here

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What is this??!

A comic from today’s New York Post, this is bound to cause some trouble. Let us assume no malicious intent for a second; here are some questions that we can ask ourselves:

  1. Does Nancy Pelosi look like an ape?
  2. Is an ape analagous to liberal spending?
  3. Is ‘shooting apes’ an analogy for fiscal conservatism?

I am playing dumb.  There is only one meaning behind this picture and I hope that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation is ready for the fallout. I didn’t think that the mainstream media could still get away with statements like this.


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Hasselbeck agrees. 

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The Recession, Historically Black Colleges, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act





BOSSIP: The Hard Knocks of the Recession are Banging on the Doors of Black Colleges

Rueters: Recession Hits Black Colleges Hard

It is scary to imagine the macroeconomic and microeconomic effect of an approximately 10% drop in enrollment of black students at HBCU’s. I will standby to see what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will do. As my friends and family know so well, I want to go to the Howard University Law School and I am praying that they accept me.  So, Dean McGahee and staff, I want you to know that there is no need to worry about my payments being made on time.  I’ll scrub sidewalks, wash animals or whatever it takes to cover what my private loans can’t.  But I won’t let up in the classroom either.

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Pennsylvania Ave?