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A Future of Multilateral Policy Implementation

I became interested in Russia’s influence on our foreign policy and their journalistic interpretations of the those Bush-era policies while studying Russian linguistics at Rice University last year. The former Soviet leader has an optimistic take on President Obama’s potential to implement careful and effective policy. Here is an interesting article in the International Herald Tribune by none other than Mikhail Gorbachev:

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A Commercial Jet Plane Landing Flawlessly in an Icy River…Who is to Thank?

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Thought that this was too cool not to post…


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….And it is Time to Fly

Air Force One and Colonel Turner

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Congratulations, Mr. President! But can we talk?

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

              Re: Something to consider on your first day

 Dear President Obama,  

 I am really enthused to witness these times. I was and will be with you ALL the way. So will my parents and siblings (even though my father voted for Secretary of State Clinton in the primary).  As you know, many of your supporters are Christians.  Some devout, some young and impressionable and some born again…like me.  Well, even born again Christians feel that they are worthy to speak out about religious issues, when the times warrant them.  See, I strive for righteousness and to do the right things, even when they are unpopular. I am trying to walk the walk, I suppose you can say. You sound like that kind of guy, too. My name is Webster Smith and I have had a handful of life-changing experiences. I think God knew what he was doing. Because of a few of those experiences I want to go to law school at Howard University or GWU, next fall. I want to be a Civil Rights attorney (kind of like you); I want to work toward achieving the increasingly attainable goal: equal rights, for all. That being said, there is a group of people that we tend to exclude from the whole civil rights argument. Civil Rights should be about moving toward gender, socio-economic and racial blindness; it should be about decisions being made without considering preference or the comforts of familiarity.  

I was sort of hoping that you would reconsider your stance on Pro-Choice advocacy. Please pray about it, would you? The way I see it, it is a matter of spiritual faith.  People seem to give up on their lives when they are feeling an overwhelming sense of despair, unless they are at peace with the fact that their trials are for a reason and that God will get them through.  I am one of those that believe that God prepares us, if necessary, with struggle and pain. Analogous to precious metals and crystals being forged out of rock and carbon by heat and pressure. Take for example, my daughter.  For those that know my lovely wife and me, our ‘timing’ was not at all optimal. I was just getting on my feet again and my wife and I had the gall to work for the same failing company. Talk about frightening, some pay days had to wait three weeks. I was starting school again and I had some serious things on my mind. All of this is to say, I want every person to experience the amazing feeling that is God showing them favor in times of stress and duress. It is truly faith building! The birth of our daughter brought me closer to God because I observed God demonstrate His power during our tough times. Everyone deserves to feel the warmth of God hugging them and protecting them from the storm.   

President Kennedy, one of your most significant sources of inspiration, and our first Catholic President, was wildly opposed to the Government being involved in these issues. Perhaps, you can consider the same stance?  I want you to go down in history as the greatest President and you are more than capable.  I just don’t feel that it’s possible without God’s grace.  We can’t possibly call on God to protect us as a nation while facilitating an international movement that excludes 3,000 souls a day from that protection. 

In closing, thank you for all that you have done to lift the spirits of many of us. Americans have searched long and hard for the pride in this country that has dwindled since September 11, 2001. It seems that America is back!  You will surely encounter bouts of unfathomable stress trying to pull America back atop the proverbial mountain.  May I suggest that you let God guide you in ALL of your decisions? Let your relationship with God take precedence over special interest, friends, political ally or foe. You will feel at peace, you will stand tall when crowds jeer, you will smile in public when others are wondering how you could even muster the strength. By most accounts, your leadership and intellectual ability bests that of the 43rd president but take note of the peace that he had when it seemed the whole world was against him. If you exhibit that sort of discipline, resolve and comfort, that only God can provide, you will soar above all presidential legend. And our struggling country may land on its feet. 


Webster M. Smith

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