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Coast Guard Report: Afrocentricity has no place in Civil Rights

When Senator Clinton made her now-infamous comments in New Hampshire about MLK and LBJ, I wasn’t too enfuriated that she tried to minimize the totality of impact that King had on the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Thomas Jackson’s Coast Guard Report has recently reiterated the unfairness associated with the definition of Civil Rights.  It should not be FOR black people but ALL people and progress wasn’t accomplished BY black people but ALL people.  President Johnson is a good example of what empathy can do for a man’s heart.  If you reviewed his pre-vice presidency record, the notion of civil rights for African-Americans was as from his mind as the country of Vietnam was far from our own.

He deserved credit, yet only King and an educated minority gave him his due.  We are quickly approaching the 100th anniversary of LBJ’s birth.  As I read and read, I appreciate his service to our country, more and more.   

August 27th is the date of that anniversary and August 28th is the anniversary of the March on Washington’s “I have a Dream” speech.  I ask all of my friends, liberals and conservatives, to set aside their partisanship to acknowledge the celebration of our country’s most significant “giant leap…” since JFK’s dream to reach the moon came to fruition.

We will celebrate the 45th anniversary of King by listening to a speech from the Democratic nominee.  What is special about this speech is that the speaker can deny no race, no religious influence, and no culture’s role in his ascension to that point.  Black, white, foreign, and domestic…many people will feel pride, for on that day lines will be blurred and another dream will be realized.

The more that I mature, the more that I realize what an individual is incapable of. The  progression of civil rights is no exception and this is what we should all keep in mind.  When the day arrives when equal civil rights is no longer a hotword but a reality and the elbow no longer bends, but points toward justice–we will all celebrate together. And ‘all’ will have no exclusions.

George Packer: LBJ’s Moment


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RE: My response to a couple of my Neo-Conservative buddies

Several days ago, a couple of friends of mine were emailed ‘bumper stickers’ from a fair-minded, middle-aged friend mutual friend.  She is a married 37 year-old mother of two who finds it funny to send me emails like this. The bottom of the email said, “A Taxpayer voting for Obama is like a Chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” She admits that she doesn’t have the time to read through the smoke and mirrors of politics, but what about those who depend on emails and conservative jabs to inform them about who to vote for?

After watching Michael Steele play “Crab in a bucket” on Fox News, yesterday, I wonder…why can’t radical conservatives just talk about what their candidate does right?  I am not opposed to voting for John McCain but the only people who can communicate his effectiveness, wastes their time smearing Obama.


Here is the email:


Web, I had to forward this…only because it will make you crazy and it is fun to see you get all bent! :)


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BS 2.bmp


I responded to Laura’s email:

The election of the first black president wouldn’t mean so much, to me, if I didn’t see so much unfounded political and racial propaganda. As a country, we are not ready for a black president.  In fact, I believe that the founding fathers neither pondered nor designed this country to function with a black president. A black president was never supposed to happen. Think about it, there will NEVER be a viable black conservative in the next century (unless Obama shifts the trend from government dependence to independent financial stablity/wealth)and black candidates will always have to be liberal populists.  Thus, every ensuing campaign may be as vitriolic as this one.  I recently sat in a coffee shop to study for the LSAT, only to  listen to old people (65+) think that they know what they are talking about (they were talking about all of the information that they received from emails).  All it makes me realize is that those men preferred nothing more than to die without ever seeing the notion of ”All Men Created Equal” come to fruition.


These bumper stickers are funny but to the unintelligent idiots that actually feel that they are ‘superior’, this propanda is no different than political analysis and news from: the WSJ, The Economist, Newsmax, Drudge Report, Fox News, CSPAN, and NY Times.

People focus on what Obama can’t do, instead of what he can. People focus on what he is not, instead of what he is.  None of us can say that there is equality in the U.S., perhaps there never will be.  When 3/100 black boys who enter kindergaten– graduate from college, there is an issue with the (lack of) self-worth that has been engrained into many of these children. The definition of the word ‘Equality’ should be non-negotiable.  The people that feed on Rovian rhetoric are just afraid that true equality is right around the corner and after November, 12.7% of the nation will be emboldened to close the gap that 143 years of “freedom”, 59 years of military desegragation, and 43 years of voting couldn’t  close.  And people question “What has Obama accomplished?”  Imagine beating those odds, in your own life.

It is important that you set aside political agendas, ones that won’t be affected much either way, to consider the implications of this Presidential race.  I sometimes imagine what this country would be like without sexism, racism, injustice, and religious persecution–then I realize, it would be what the four fathers signed off on in 1776.  A reality that was easy to write but hard to materialize.

I mean, look at Thomas Jefferson’s most famous suggestion and memorialized line of the Declaration of Indpendence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I will vote for the faithful husband and good father who shares the same religious principles that I do.  I’ll vote for the candidate who was accepted into Ivy League schools, without indicating race, and excelled. I am neither crazy nor bent. McCain is a hero, but now may not be the time for a manchurian candidate who has endured enough physical pain,  emotional scars, stress, trauma, and mental manipulation–to bend or break at any moment’s notice when the nation calls on him to be decisive. 

Your friend,


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First Anniversary: “I Did Not Know”

Until the day I married you I did not know

How happy I could be;

How, committing my heart to you forever

Would somehow set my spirit free


I did not realize your dreams would become mine

And could ever be so real;

Or, when we aligned our plans with His,

How perfect it would feel


Although you have been stripped of much,

My anchor you will stay;

I’ve watched you mature into ‘that man’

The one for whom I did pray


This year of marriage has brought us through

A long-awaited door;

You are my very best friend, we are a team,

I could not love you more.


Happy First Anniversary, Webster.  I love you, I really do.

Always,  Linds





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Swift Boat Defense: ‘Unfit For Publication’

Click on the cover to follow the link to the 41 page .pdf

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