Friends of Webster

Raised in the house, but field certified.

Caitlin Stopper and Webster Smith

Former Cadets Experienced Injustice; Now They Fight Together to End It

Webster Smith and I, at least on the surface, have nothing in common. Our gender, ethnicity, geography, and religion could not be any more opposite. However, we were both raised in loving and dedicated families of faith who taught us that the key to leadership is a strong moral character; and that every American should do whatever they can to forward the cause of liberty and freedom provided by our Constitution.

I accepted my appointment to the Coast Guard Academy in 2004 because I wanted to do my part to defend the Constitution of the United States from foreign threat and encroachment. Little did I know that I would witness the threat and encroachment upon our precious Constitution from within the United States Coast Guard itself. Sexism, racism and homophobia are still rampant at USCGA. This creates a culture of resentment, distrust and apathy within the Corps of Cadets. America has found itself in a day in age where terrorist attacks loom on the horizon. This great country cannot afford to be placing less than satisfactory officers on its borders to protect its citizens. The thick and pervasive attitude of white male supremacy that exists at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy shuns and disposes of those whom America deserves to have serving and protecting them. This distorted code and double standard of justice is putting America’s welfare at risk.

The American people deserve to have Webster Smith, a highly competent and strong leader, on our shores protecting the freedoms and liberties that others have given their lives for. Ironically, the very Constitution that Webster wanted to defend and protect was unable to protect him from civil rights abuses and malicious intents at the hands of his superiors and fellow shipmates.

Where it counts, Webster Smith and I do have similarities. We were both victims of injustice at the hands of our fellow shipmates and superiors farther up the chain of command. Webster and I are proof that there are serious fundamental flaws in the Coast Guard Officer Corps as well as within the cadet ranks at the Academy in New London, Connecticut. We are, underneath everything, shipmates. As anyone will tell you, the ties that bind shipmates are thicker than blood. Iron may rust, and wood may decay, but shipmates are forever. However, that is not the reason why I stand behind Webster. I stand behind him as we are both victims of injustice and have become, through our adversity, crusaders of justice.

- Caitlin Stopper

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