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The Truth Will Prevail – A message from Webster

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As I sit here in lovely Charleston, South Carolina – many thoughts fill my mind. Most commonly, my wingspan is longer than the width of my home for now. That is okay though. Next, I realize that I am one of the lucky ones. The gracious Judge London Steverson said it best when he wrote about the disenfranchisement of black men in this country. I am one of those young black men – technically, I am a statistic. How am I lucky? In this ‘brig,’ I have become a window of opportunity for others. The young man who can decipher the true meaning of the UCMJ, record-of-trials, and the appellate process. Vigorously, I type powers of attorney for 23 year old men who will not leave here for seven more years. I type clemency requests for former E-7′s who never had to type to an admiral. Here is the painful part… “Web, how did you end up with six months for the same charges I got?” Immediately I feel sad to be as blessed as I was. I have a hard time answering that question. Most men here were forced to accept pre-trial agreements because their Navy, Army, or Air Force lawyers were incooperative. Obviously, I fought it and I was fortunate enough to have had a jury that saw potential in my young life. I am the closest thing that many of these poor young men will have to a lawyer and I am most certainly not. I try though, Oh God, I try. I do everything that I can to help the disenfranchised. I preach to them that they should never accept anything less than a war. Men by the name of Julian, Omar, Marcus, Louis, Gordon and so on. The tragedy that is the prosecution of ‘Sexual Assaults’ in the military is too much to bear.

Maybe, just maybe – I needed this. I was swiftly veering off into the land of ‘Uncle Tom,’ the black man who never reached back to help. I resent those sorts, now. I go to sleep with tears knowing that I will be fine, while others may not be as successful. I had the best Navy lawyer on this coast. Now, the best law firm in this country helps me to beat this farcical system.

Coast Guard Colors? What are they? Not mine, nope, not black. Mr. Steverson once called the Academy ‘the last bastion of white society’ in the 1980′s. Nothing has changed. I have been silent for months because, well, I am too brash right now. Not angry, just sad. Not for me though. I still hurt when CGA loses to Kingspoint. I tense up during the previews for ‘The Guardian,’ wishing that I could be in Mr. Kutcher or Mr. Costner’s shoes – just one more day. That sadness is like super unleaded for me. I will not stop. Captains and Admirals? Your biggest mistake was taking me out of that chain. For months, I trusted you, blindly. The problems you have created for yourselves are greater than the civil rights complaints you face, the task force that will question your integrity, or the fact that you know before I leave this earth, you will hand me my commission. I fear that you do not recognize the man you have created. My insecurities are gone, my resolve is strong, and my patience is long. I repeat, I will not stop until miscarriages of justice cease to exist. I have found my calling, I guess. They tried to destroy me, but they didn’t come close.

To all, thank you so much for your encouragement. I don’t know if I have many friends in the U.S.C.G. right now – either way, every person that I had ever encountered had my respect. For the Misses, I love you and thank you for being that cornerstone. Family and friends – you have made this easy for me. I will not let you down. God bless. Psalm 71. The truth will prevail.

Webster M. Smith

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