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What Haiti Needs…


Please do what you can.

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An Answer to Anon’s Question

Anon [June 11, 2009 10:48 PM EST]: Why do you even continue this site?  

I just wanted to take a moment to thank any and everyone who takes the time to stop by this site.  I wish that I could write more substantive postings ALL of the time but I have quite the full plate.  A month ago, I considered terminating this website.  I questioned its purpose in my life and in the lives of my friends.  The trend seems to be that I express myself for a period and then I tone it down a bit, posting songs, videos and comments on issues that are near and dear to me.  Never am I vindictive or contentious to any one person or organization.  Through these posts, I provide a glimpse into where I was, where I am, what I love and where I want to be. The U.S. Coast Guard has had an enormous impact on each of those categories. 

My belief, as you probably know, is that I compromised [ignored may be more accurate] my Christian upbringing at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.  Further, that compromise led to social and political vulnerability that opened the door for that court-martial.  I am not blameless but my part in the actions was not criminal.  I stand by that but only time will tell whether or not that belief will be vindicated.  That is my guiding light, my belief that my life will change for the better when that case meets objectivity and impartiality.  When impartial minds look at this case, I know that they’ll see this for what it was. And then I hope that I can move on. Maybe then, I can close Friends of Webster. 

My 25th year on earth was spent immersed in law.  Everything that I have learned, I learned from one of the best men that I know. He is arguably the best civil trial attorney in America.  What I have learned is that legal battles that are fought anywhere beyond the court room’s doors are seldom impartial.  Fighting beyond those doors may help you win the case but it will weaken the integrity of that win.  I’ve always felt that axiom to be ironic, considering my circumstances.  This website is alive because I await resolution to my case. Through all of the fighting done outside of that court-martial and in the press, on blogs, through public addresses and through policy initiatives, it is easy to lose sight of the reason that my friends, family fight on with me…  

Americans have the God given right to defend themselves when they are challenged by any medium of mass communication, whether by blog, press or by public statement.  But what happens when you don’t have the right to defend yourself? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009  


No. 08-0719/CG.  U.S. v. Webster M. SMITH.  CCA 1275.  Review granted on the following issue:  


Why is the sixth amendment important?   Try interviewing for a job with your credentialed, qualified, well written resume in hand. The employer says, “I have read enough of the candidates’ resumes today. Tell me why you’re best for the job without mentioning where you went to college, your prior work experience or any other credentials on your resume. Tell me why I should hire you over everyone else.”   

The job is important but not as important as adhering to the employer’s parameters. If any mention of those experiences and credentials were spoken, you would most certainly fail to get the job. You can’t even say any words associated with your experience and credentials. How much differently would your interview carry out? Maybe, just maybe, if you tried to explain without touching on those topics or words, you would have shot. But don’t count on it.  

Thank you for reading here at Friends of Webster.   

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Marine Exonerated After Nine Years in Leavenworth

Marine Corps Times

Vindication happens, even in the Marine Corps. Hope.

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McCain to Jack Johnson’s rescue; Pushing for the Posthumous Presidential Pardon

 ESPN: McCain Supporting Presidential Pardon for wrongfully convicted Johnson

Senator McCain has done a good thing by supporting the move to address this “turn of the century” miscarriage of justice. Johnson is arguably the best pugilist in the history of the sport.

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Pennsylvania Ave?