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Congratulations to Michael Steele (R)


Becoming the RNC Chair is a huge accomplishment for this gentleman. I hope that he has success in his role as Obama’s antithesis…just not too much success.  He believes in responsibility and intrinsic motivation.  He believes that racism can’t stop a black person from achieving what they are striving to achieve. He is a decorated attorney and a devout Christian.    Obama has extremely liberal views, Steele has extremely conservative views. It will be interesting to see how his leadership will effect mid-term elections in 2010.

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Must Watch Video: Gearing up for Inauguration

Seventy-three percent of our Country and almost the entire foreign world is excited about Barack Obama’s presidency, just what we need! I thought my younger brothers might enjoy this. A bit abstract but entertaining, nonetheless.

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Proud Older Brother: Spotlight on Alexander Smith, Parson’s Institute of Design

I am proud of my siblings.  When the times were bleak for the Smith family, we all banded together. Sadly, for the first time.  I had always been my own man. I describe my younger days with bouts of selfishness, inconsideration, and mercenarial episodes.  There were no better witnesses to this than my brothers and sister.  I was the private school kid, gone all day and out studying most of the night. On weekends, I lived hard.  Of course, in college, I was on auto-pilot, seldomly acknowledging their pride in their big brother. 

My how things have changed.

It wasn’t until afterwards when I recognized how much they rode tall on my victories and were floored by my spectacular failure.  I will never stop apologizing for failing to live up to their expectations. 

My three siblings are all in college.  Thankfully, I finished a bit ahead of them.  I don’t feel that I could have done much leading, otherwise.  Brittney graduates in December from Texas at Arlington (Go be a Maverick?!Really?) What does she want to do? Surprise! Save the world.  Adrian is working on finishing his third year and transferring to a school that can better foster his natural artistic abilities.  Alex recently transferred to the Parson’s Institute of Design, in New York City, New York, where he has absolutely shone like we all knew that he could.  Both Adrian and Alex have overcome significant setbacks but both have made true their claims of relentless perserverance. 

Just last week, life hit Alex hard.  Typical “20 Something” drama.  He called me on the phone and he said, “Webster, nothing is going to stop me. Nothing is going to steal my focus.”

I imagined how many lives I would have contributed to saving, how many tons of drugs I would have stopped had I cut out the nonsense to focus on that old dream of mine. We all know that God has specific plans for us.  I missed a couple of open doors but Alex convinced me that he wouldn’t.

I enjoy my brothers’ artistic abilities so greatly that I will post them on this site for anyone to see.  They are both going to be exceptional artists and I pray that they become exceptional leaders. Funny how God’s plans for us works. Alex was supposed to be in New London or was he? Here are two of many of Alex’s assignments. The kid is brilliant.

Mai Urt.jpg
“John Mayer’s Waiting on the World to Change”  Alex Smith (NY)




Alex is ill.jpg
“Survivor” Alex Smith (NY)

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Bob Parks: Black & Right

I followed this link from Thomas Jackson’s website.  I am not gonna lie, this website set me straight on a lot of social and political issues. It makes me think about things that I have already been “set in my thinking” about.  I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.  I am a 25 year old black man who loves hip hop and capitalism, the NAACP and conservatism, careerism and public interest law, Ghandi and Malcolm X.  I have some thinking and praying to do.   Right? And another thing, will someone please punch that Ruggiero guy?

Black and Right





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Pennsylvania Ave?