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When You Stop Reading Books, Newspapers and Non-Partisan Press… cultivate an unintelligent nation of lemmings. Whether you lean right or lean left, you have to know what principles, policies and abilities that you vote for.

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G. Gordon Liddy, Another Nixon Confidant strikes…

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Pat Buchanan, Reverse Civil Rights Leader of the 21st Century

President Nixon’s former confidant strikes again. It seems as though he was influenced by the most publicly bigoted President of the 20th Century. White folks built this country, says Pat Buchanan, and thus they DESERVE today’s Supreme Court Justice positions. They were “…100% of the people that wrote the constitution, they were 100% that signed the Declaration of Independence, 100% of the people that died at Gettysburg and Vicksburg…”

African-Americans were enslaved, buddy. Latinos .9% of foreign-born Americans in 1850. Those are the two largest minority populations.

Buchanan writes in State of Emergency:

“Race matters. Ethnicity matters. History matters. Faith matters. Nationality matters. While they are not everything, they are not nothing. Multiculturalism be damned, this is what history teaches us.”

Mr. Buchanan, I love your conservative commentary but you can’t be serious. This is just an indication of your progress-fueled resentment that seeps from your pores every morning on MSNBC. Turn off the valve.

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Reverse Racism
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Fox News finally admits spewing/attracting hatred.

Yes, MSNBC is no better. However, they don’t claim “Fair and Balanced” coverage.

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Pennsylvania Ave?