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I’ve done several things to keep me focused over the years. Whether it is prayer, family time, intense work ethic, or my fitness. The one thing that I believe with all of my heart is that I will be vindicated soon. And like I tell my close friends, what is the point of living life FOR vindication if you know it is going to happen anyway?

Now, you could say that I am foolish for believing that I KNOW it will happen. But that is just me. I am a guy who has seen the worst of the world yet, I have an awesome wife, daughter, and life. Considering that juxtaposition, you would have faith too.

The point is, I want to succeed more than most people want to eat food. Not because of money or fame but because I want to show people an example of what you can do when you act as if one of the greatest hurdles you could ever imagine – is only a footnote in your life.

I believe that when the story is done, everyone around me will be proud. And that vindication will be the footnote, not the deeds that I have done in the mean time.

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September Opinion Editorial in Connecticut Newspaper

Follow the Link to read David Collins’ comprehensive piece:

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Have I not written on

Have I not read my CAAF opinion?

Have I not called my college coaches to tell them that I fight on?

Have I not gotten in contact with the Coast Guard Report?

Have I not acknowledged those who saw my loss and smiled?

Have I seemed to care not?

Have I seemed to have moved on?

Do I seem no longer passionate about law and politics?

Why do I seem to wish, dream, and pray no more?

Because I am so driven and so focused. So much so that I am upset at myself for taking three minutes to write this.  You don’t understand. I see Academy buddies going to the likes of Columbia and Harvard, for graduate school, and only wish for a moment that I remained on the same track that I was before. That’s how far I’ve come. My focus is so great that eating, sleeping, and dreaming are distractions.




I don’t need to dream anymore. I don’t need to wish anymore. I have another shot and I don’t plan on bogeying this putt, this time around. I’ve learned more from a college dropout and a few books than I have in all of my years of learning from the uber-educated New England elite. And I plan on doing something with it.

My case may go to the Supreme Court. Heck, with Ron Machen in the President’s ear, I may be pardoned some day. Who knows? But at this junction, vindication will only be a bonus because the rest of my life is solely up to me and not circumstances. And I don’t care about proving myself worthy of reevaluation, anymore.  I don’t dream anymore. I’ve dreamed big before and I lived small. Now, I bridge the gap.

From the Desk of Webster Smith…

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Everyone Falls…But Some People Work To Get Back Up….

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Pennsylvania Ave?