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“Forever” by Drake, Kanye, Wayne, Eminem and Lebron James

Title Track For Lebron James’ “More than a Game” Motion Picture to Premier on October 3, 2009. Get past the anger that accompanies their ambition and you’ll hear some meaningful lyrics.

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Delighted by a Partisan’s non-partisan take on Obama’s Speech

Transcript can be read at

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8.15.07 Two years later…


It was a much needed weekend of fun, family, friends, great food, relaxation and love. Thank you, Lindsey.  It isn’t a figure of speech when I proclaim what I believe is fact; You are one of the reasons that I am here. Thanks for being there then, thank you for being here, now. Mom and Adrian, thank you for babysitting at our house, this weekend! 


Everything that I have is a miracle, in and of itself. 

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The Correlation: Opinionated News Media and Obama’s (reported) 30 Death Threats Per Day

I am having a tough time with this one.  Building upon what I blogged about yesterday, I have a hard time supporting those who speak and attempt the unimaginable to undermine the President of our United States. What this does say, however, is that our country is changing. Happy 48th Birthday, Mr. President.

30 Death Threats a Day and Rising

Compare to this:

MOFO Politics: Hoping Obama Fails

Behind the “Birther Movement”

Corporate Media Playing the Hate Game



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Pennsylvania Ave?